Real Estate, Business Law, and Estate Planning in Springdale, AR

Real Estate

Retaining an attorney, who knows the changing real estate laws, the impact of environmental laws on real estate property and other legal codes, can help you navigate complexities to achieve successful real estate transactions. Additionally, an experienced real estate attorney can offer legal advice that not only spares you from bad investments, but also opens the doors to successful real estate opportunities.
Whether involved in the purchase of residential or commercial real estate or the construction aspect of developing a piece of real estate property, the Watson Law Firm, P.A. can provide effective legal assistance for real estate needs.
We are adept at drafting purchase agreements and simple deeds, such as quitclaim deeds, warranty deeds, or beneficiary deeds.

Real Estate Disputes

Frequently disputes and civil litigations arise in real estate over boundaries, property lines, zoning, adverse possession, injunction, easements, and eminent domain issues. The Watson Law Firm, P.A. represents clients in these types of real estate disputes and provides litigation for effective resolution. We also represent clients in construction law matters such as construction code conflicts, mechanic's liens, disputes or breach of contract.
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Business Law

When starting a business, forming a company, or simply carrying on with daily operations, situations come into play, such as judgments, liens, writs, or collections that require legal advice, representation, and sometimes litigation.
At the Watson Law Firm, P.A., we assist clients with company formation by helping them select the type of company that best suits their business needs, whether an S corporation, C corporation, limited liability company (LLC) or some other form of company. In establishing your corporation or limited liability company (LLC), we will draw up your articles of incorporation or organization, minutes, bylaws, operating agreement, banking resolution, and stock certificates. Depending on the sort of business a client is running, different company structures may offer profit, tax, and operational advantages.

Contracts and Legal Documents

If contracts are needed in conducting business, we offer assistance in drafting contracts that meet legal requirements and are free of ambiguity. We also assist clients in buying or selling a business through careful review of purchase and sale agreements and other necessary legal documents related to the business transaction.
When business disputes arise, we assist clients through legal advice, negotiated settlements, and litigation. Our extensive knowledge of business comes from over two decades of legal experience where we have focused on business concerns and achieved successful results for our clients.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is often a time-consuming and complex issue to undertake, but one of the most important. Estate planning involves the process of arranging for the disposal and/or anticipation of an estate. The purpose of estate planning is to rid a person(s) of the uncertainties of their property, both real and personal, once they are deceased.

Examples of Legal Instruments for Estate Planning

  • Healthcare Proxy - Designates another person to make healthcare decisions in case a person is rendered incapable of making his/her wishes known.
  • Living Will - Specifies what types of medical treatments are desired.
  • Last Will and Testament - States what will happen to an individual's personal property upon their death.
  • Power of Attorney - Gives authority for another person to act on the behalf of another in legal, business or personal issues.
  • Revocable Trust - A trust that can be altered or terminated during the "grantor's" lifetime.
  • Beneficiary Deed - Deed used to state who receives real property of the deceased owner.
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